Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Rose Scharlin. We are currently taking applications for the 2019/2020 school year. The application process is as follows: 1. Complete an online application and submit the application fee. Hard copy applications are also available to be picked up at school at Tuesday playgroup from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and you can pay by check if you prefer. 2. Visit the school for two full school days 3. Meet with the Director

Information Sessions

On the first Tuesday of every month our director hosts an orientation about our school’s philosophies and what it’s like to be in a co-op. See Tuesday Toddler Playgroup for more information. We also have an upcoming Saturday open house:

September 28th, 2019. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

2414 Lake View Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039 Tour the park like campus and listen to a talk about the school’s philosophy and membership requirements. Presentation by the school director will be at 10:30 AM. A question and answer period will follow the talk. While childcare won’t be provided, children are welcome!

Please RSVP to


  1. The tuition fees are:
    1. $425.25 per month for 5 days per week
    2. $365.40 per month for 4 days per week
    3. $304.50 per month for 3 days per week
    4. A limited number of participation buyouts are available to returning families for 50% more than the standard tuition
  2. Grab-A-Day: In the unusual circumstance that a child needs to come to school on a day that is not one of his/her normal enrollment days, the fee shall be $20 for the day. However, the Teacher/Director must first determine whether space is available on the date requested.
  3. The tuition for a second child in a family shall be at the regular rate.
  4. A limited amount of tuition support is available, and can be applied for after the standard admissions procedure is complete.
  5. In the unusual circumstance that a returning family’s commitments change, a limited number of workday buyouts are available.
  6. Field trip expenses, if any, shall be paid on a case-by-case basis.

Entrance Fees

    1. All fees, unless otherwise noted, are administered on a per-child basis.
A. Application Fee: $50 (Fee is waived for returning and alumni families). B. Enrollment Commitment Fee: One-month’s tuition. Each family, upon being accepted for enrollment to the school, shall pay their first month’s tuition to hold their enrollment spot. If a family cancels their enrollment, they may be eligible to have part or all of their deposit refunded based on how much notice they give: 100% refunded with more than 90 days’ notice; 75% refunded with more than 60 days’ notice; 50% refunded with more than 30 days’ notice and 0% refunded with less than 30 days’ notice. C. Registration Fee: $50. Each family, upon entrance to the school, shall pay to the Treasurer a non-refundable registration fee of $50. If a sibling enters school within one year of the older child’s termination, the sibling’s registration fee is waived. If a family withdraws and returns within one school year, the registration fee is waived. D. Earthquake Kit Fee: $25. This is a one-time fee paid upon entrance to the school. E. Student Liability/Accident Insurance Fee: $75. F. Tuition Deposit: $300. The tuition deposit of $300 may be applied toward the final month of enrollment if 28 days’ notice is given. For any additional admissions questions please email: